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Tragedy In Rosewood: Early Morning Plane Crash Rocks Beloved Community

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

A large hole can be seen in the roof of the house impacted by the single engine airplane crash.

Columbia, South Carolina - January 13, 2021: Multiple first responder agencies responded to a small single engine aircraft crash in the Rosewood area off of Kennedy St. The cause of the crash is unknown however today's weather conditions were not ideal for small aircraft aviation and may have played a part in the disaster.

A HVAC tech that witnessed the crash in real time gives his account of what he saw while performing duct work to officers of the Columbia Police Department

The homeowner Rebecca Munnerlynn who works from home for Prisma Health has called the Rosewood community home for many years. "Given how close we are to the airport it's something I think about, but most times I just push the thought to the back of my head to keep from worrying" Rebecca responded when I asked her if she ever had any concerns about aviation disasters living in the area. Rebecca was working on her computer about 10 feet away from where the roof caved in following the plane's impact. "I heard the plane coming, and then I felt it, and then I heard BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. I was kind of frozen for a second, I think my brain was trying to figure out what was going on" Rebecca recalled when asked about those initial seconds before and after the plane crash. Rebecca who had luck on her side didn't receive any injuries from the crash however she did receive minor injuries from corralling her three terrified cats so that they could exit the home to safety. Given the low visibility due to fog there weren't many witnesses, however two HVAC techs performing duct work caught the seconds of the plane's descent while retrieving something from their work truck. One of the techs described the descent as very fast and very steep while speaking to officers of the Columbia Police Department doing investigative work. Many of the neighbors in the area stated that they heard the plane's engine and felt the impact in their homes. One neighbor went on to say it sounded "Just like in the movies". Columbia Fire Dept. Station 9 (Devine St.) were the first ones on the scene and Rebecca stated that after frantically calling 911 first responders were there in what seemed like seconds. The pilot whose identity hasn't been released at this time unfortunately succumbed from their injuries received during the crash.

More Photos:

Firefighters are surrounded by debris as they continue to monitor the crash sight from the backyard.
Metal crash debris lays scattered along the lawn.

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